The Everyman World

While the everyday world of human civilization generally moves slowly due to the momentum of five billion people, occasionally civilization is thrown in a new direction by forces originating in the Mystic World, the Superhuman World, or the Underworld, since these factors can be powerful enough to either disrupt or revolutionize society virtually overnight.

As a consequence, humanity sleeps uneasily. Most of the time, the greatest concern is the threat of nuclear war and human extinction, but sometimes, threats beyond the capability of nations to deal with present themselves, and humans feel helpless to affect their fate to an even greater extent than facing nuclear holocaust. Whenever this happens, nuclear weapons seem to be more of a safeguard than a threat. As a result, stockpiling of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons escalate uncontrollably.

The world is more violent and deadly than it probably would have been without the presence of superhumans – but then again, scientific breakthroughs in genetics during World War II have greatly alleviated famine in industrialized nations and revolutionized medicine, so more humans are also alive than would otherwise have been. The net effect seems to be a slowly accelerating population explosion, since fewer die young and more live longer. Unfortunately, food and medicine have turned into political tools – underdeveloped nations still suffer so much from national debts that most of these advances remain outside their grasp, and they are even more dependent on foreign aid, adding yet another tragic dimension to the Cold War between the East and the West.

Ironically, many superhumans have abilities that could address these problems… and several have tried, but such solutions are nearly always temporary, making the recipient of such aid even more dependent on outside assistance, adding to local resentment towards foreign superhumans – and the political factors should not be overlooked; superhumans attempting to influence domestic development are known to be targets for assassination attempts by both local violent political factions and foreign covert operations of other nations.

Other aspects of high technology have yet to reach the general public; while some millionaires maintain household robots, anyone with lesser resources is left to what mass produced technology has made affordable – and of course, all forms of technology dissemination is still jealously watched by combatants of the Cold War.

Adding to the sense of insecurity, spontaneous manifestations of superpowered mutant abilities kill thousands worldwide each year – even though most of those killed are mutants who manifested their powers for the first (and last) time.

Anyone who leads an ordinary life (even a superhero with an alternate identity) has a general idea of what is currently important to people in his or her vicinity; those with an interest in analyzing trends (or just an interest in understanding what people are concerned about) will have an easier time facing public opinion and dealing with general concerns.

(more details on campaign events, individuals and groups to come in later posts)

The Everyman World

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