Government Agencies

NSA (National Security Agency), FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations), CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), DEA (Drug Enforcement Authority)… these are the best known federal agencies (along with various branches of military intelligence) that sometimes employ or enlist the aid of superpowered individuals, though occasionally other organizations under the federal government also employ superhuman assistance (usually for specific tasks or purposes).

Most other nations worldwide maintain similar (though usually much smaller) organizations that fulfill the same functions.

In the United States, however, there is also the Commission on Superhuman Activities (sometimes abbreviated CoShA), reporting directly to the U.S. President, and responsible for overall management of superhuman resources.

SHIELD () operates independently worldwide, even though it is technically an American agency. It answers only to its seven-member Board of Directors, whose identities are top secret. The Public Director is the representative and spokesperson of SHIELD.

Government Agencies

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