"...born into a legacy, his family under constant threat by shadows of the past - Shieldsman emulates the living legend who started it all..."



Player: aylwin13 (John Sampson)

Val Char Cost
15 STR 5
23 DEX 26
20 CON 10
10 BODY 0
18 INT 8
13 EGO 3
13 PRE 3

8/14 PD 3
8/14 ED 3
5 SPD 30
10 REC 6
30 END 2
40 STUN 10

14m RUN 2
3m SWIM 0
4m LEAP 0
Characteristics Cost: 148

Cost Power
27 Vibranium-Titanium Alloy Shield: MP, 54-point reserve, (54 Active Points); all slots OAF (Metal shield; -1)
2f 1) Thrown Shield I: EB 8 1/2d6, Reduced END (1/2 END; 1/4) (54 Active Points); OAF (Metal shield; -1), Range Based On STR (-1/4)
2f 2) Thrown Shield II: EB 6d6, Reduced END (1/2 END; +1/4), Area Of Effect (6m Line; +1/4), Selective (
1/4) (52 Active Points); OAF (Metal shield; -1), Range Based On STR (-1/4)
2f 3) Thrown Shield III: EB 5d6+1, Reduced END (1/2 END; 1/4), Area Of Effect (4 2m Areas; +1/2), Selective (1/4) (54 Active Points); OAF (Metal shield; -1), Range Based On STR (-1/4)
2f 4) Thrown Shield IV: RKA 1 1/2d6 (2d6+1 w/STR), Range Based On STR (1/4), Reduced END (1/2 END; +1/4) (37 Active Points); OAF (Metal shield; -1)
1f 5) Shield Bash: HA +4d6, Reduced END (0 END; +1/2) (30 Active Points); OAF (Metal shield; -1), Hand-To-Hand Attack (-1/4)
2f 6) Mono-Molecular Edge: HKA 1 1/2d6 (2 1/2d6 w/STR), Reduced END (0 END; +1/2) (37 Active Points); OAF (Metal shield; -1)
2f 7) Protection From Projectiles: Deflection, Limited Range – Adj. hex (
1/4), Reduced END (0 END; +1/2) (35 Active Points); OAF (Metal shield; -1)
2f 8) Right Back At Ya: Reflection (50 Active Points’ worth), Reduced END (0 END; +1/2) (51 Active Points); OAF (Metal shield; -1)
1f 9) Shield Flare: Sight Group Flash 4d6, (0 END; +1/2) (30 Active Points); OAF (Metal shield; -1), Requires sufficiently strong light source (-1/4)
1f 10) Cover Your Eyes!: Sight Group Flash Defense (20 points), Usable Simultaneously (up to 2 people at once; +0), Recipient must remain within 1m of Grantor, Hardened (x2; +1/2) (30 Active Points); OAF (Metal shield; -1), Nonpersistent (-1/4), Requires A Shield Slinging Skill Roll (; No Active Point penalty to Skill Roll; -1/4)
2f 11) Great Protection: (Total: 54 Active Cost, 22 Real Cost) Damage Negation (-5 DCs Physical, -5 DCs Energy), Usable Simultaneously (up to 2 people at once; +0), Recipient must remain within 1m of Grantor (50 Active Points); OAF (Metal shield; -1), Nonpersistent (-1/4), Requires A Shield Slinging Skill Roll (; No Active Point penalty to Skill Roll; -1/4) (Real Cost: 20) plus KB Resistance -4m (4 Active Points); OAF (Metal shield; -1) (Real Cost: 2)

12 Reinforced Costume: Resistant Protection (6 PD/6 ED) (18 Active Points); OIF (-1/2)

3 Mask Lenses: Nightvision (5 Active Points); OIF (-1/2)
Powers Cost: 61

Cost Martial Arts Maneuver
Synthesized Shield-Fighting Style (Boxing, Jujutsu, Gymnastics, and Krav Maga) [Notes: Shield Bash (MP Slot #5) adds 4 DCs to Noted martial attacks.]
4 1) Atemi Strike (NS): 1/2 Phase, 1 OCV, +1 DCV, 2d6 NND
4 2) Block: 1/2 Phase, +2 OCV, +2 DCV, Block, Abort
4 3) Cross/Low Kick/Knee Strike/Punch (MS): 1/2 Phase, +0 OCV, +2 DCV, 5d6 Strike [Notes: 9d6 with Shield Bash]
4 4) Disarm: 1/2 Phase, -1 OCV, +1 DCV, Disarm; 25 STR to Disarm [Notes: 45 STR to Disarm with shield]
4 5) Dodge: 1/2 Phase, -
OCV, +5 DCV, Dodge, Affects All Attacks, Abort
4 6) Escape: 1/2 Phase, +0 OCV, +0 DCV, 30 STR vs. Grabs
3 7) Grab/Clinch: 1/2 Phase, -1 OCV, -1 DCV, Grab Two Limbs, 25 STR for holding on
5 8) Hook/Kick (OS): 1/2 Phase, -2 OCV, +1 DCV, 7d6 Strike [Notes: 11d6 with Shield Bash]
3 9) Jab: 1/2 Phase, +2 OCV, +1 DCV, 3D6 Strike [Notes: 7d6 with Shield Bash]
4 10) Joint Lock/Throw: 1/2 Phase, +1 OCV, +0 DCV, Grab One Limb; 1d6 NND ; Target Falls
3 11) Legsweep: 1/2 Phase, +2 OCV, -1 DCV, 4d6 Strike, Target Falls
3 12) Slam/Throw (MT): 1/2 Phase, +0 OCV, +1 DCV, 3d6 +v/5, Target Falls
1 13) Weapon Element: Shield Bash

Ranged Shield Maneuvers
4 1) Ranged Disarm: 1/2 Phase, +0 OCV, +0 DCV, Range +0, Disarm, +3 DC to Disarm
0 2) Weapon Element: Shield Slot I
Martial Arts Cost: 50

Cost Skill
Everyman Skills
1 1) Acting 8-
3 2) Climbing 14-
2 3) Concealment 10-
1 4) Conversation 8-
3 5) Deduction 13-
3 6) AK: San Francisco 13-
2 7) KS: S.H.I.E.L.D. watchlist (wanted villains & their habits) 10-
4 8) Language: English (idiomatic)
2 9) Paramedics 10-
2 10) Persuasion 10-
2 11) PS: Writer 11-
3 12) Shadowing 13-
3 13) Stealth 14-
1 14) TF: Cars and trucks
3 Acrobatics 14-
3 Breakfall 14-
3 Computer Programming 13-
2 Criminology 10-
2 Cryptography 10-
2 Disguise 10-
2 Electronics 10-
3 Fast Draw: Shield 14-
3 Forensic Medicine 13-
3 Interrogation 12-
2 KS: Nomad’s Rogues Gallery 11-
2 Lockpicking 10-
2 Security Systems 10-
3 14-
3 Streetwise 12-
2 Teamwork 10-
2 Tracking 10-
-20 Everyman Skills (Campaign Bonus)
Skills Cost: 54

Cost Perk
1 S.H.I.E.L.D. Database: Computer Link
2 Money: Does Pretty Well
Perks Cost: 3

Cost Talent
6 Combat Luck (3 PD/3 ED)
3 Lightning Reflexes (+3 DEX to act first with All Actions)
Talents Cost: 9

Total Character Cost: 325

Pts. Complications
15 Secret ID: Alex (Darren Alexander Kirkland) (Frequently; Major)
5 Distinctive Features: Altered DNA (Not Concealable; Noticed and Recognizable; Detectable Only By Technology Or Unusual Senses)
20 Hunted: Zemo / Masters of Evil Infrequently (Mo Pow; NCI; Harshly Punish)
10 Monitored: S.H.I.E.L.D. Infrequently (Mo Pow; NCI; Watching)
15 Psych Comp: Reluctant to Kill (Common; Strong)
5 Soc Comp: Nomad’s Replacement (Legacy hero) Infrequently, Minor [Notes: The character is not the first person to hold his position. He’s viewed, rightly or wrongly, as the successor to the
prestige and duties of the previous holder. The public will judge his every move by comparison with his predecessor. Many characters with this disadvantage have an identical name to the predecessor, with a number attached to it.]
10 Mystery Complication

Complication Points: 80
Base Points: 325



Darren Alexander Kirkland (or Alex as he prefers) was born in New Haven, CT – the son of Jack Monroe (aka Bucky III, aka Nomad) and Virginia Stanley. He has a twin sister he’s never met. Due to Monroe’s deteriorating mental state, Virginia never told Jack about the children and put them up for adoption.

Alex was adopted by Arthur and Elaine Kirkland of San Francisco ,CA. His sister was adopted by someone else. Alex had a fairly normal childhood, but as he got older he realized he was a bit faster/smarter/better than the other kids. He dropped out of sports and started doing martial arts, gymnastics, climbing. Things he could do himself.

When he was 10, Alex’s parents were abducted by The Enchantress and a number of armed men. He fought two of them, but they all got away. Agent 13 of S.H.I.E.L.D. arrived moments too late, but informed Alex that his parents had tracking devices. True to her word, the beacons led them to S. America where they fought Baron Zemo’s men and rescued the Kirklands. This event, and Alex’s genetic background justified to S.H.I.E.L.D. the need for constant surveillance. The adventure also showed Alex what he could do with his abilities once he matured and trained.

Alex split his time between school and family, and training/studying with S.H.I.E.L.D. Under Agent 13’s watchful eye he learned combat techniques, forensics, espionage, and much about the underworld of the U.S. He also learned of his biological family while searching through S.H.I.E.L.D. files. He investigated and conducted a search for his sister. Agent 13 offered him an invitation to join the organization. Alex informed her that he was interested, but that he wanted to finish school first and that included college.

Alex graduated HS in 1976, and entered college at Stanford. He majored in Criminology and Law Enforcement, through a joint program with Stanford Law School, the State of California, and the Dept. of Justice. It’s focus was on the training and education of law enforcement officers and administrators.

In the fall of 1981 he met his biological father, Jack Monroe, who had recently relocated in San Francisco. Nomad took him under his wing, teaching the young man the things that S.H.I.E.L.D. might overlook. Although he never said anything to him, over the next 18 months Nomad actually groomed Alex to take over as a protector of S.F. Alex did just that when Nomad left the Bay Area for unknown reasons. This is where this story begins.


Darren Kirkland is quiet and contemplative on one hand, creative and analytical on the other. He is a bit of a perfectionist, and will go to extreme lengths to both prepare for a task and to complete it. He is loyal to his friends and family, and is always willing to help those who need it.

He tries to do the right thing, especially for those who can’t do it for themselves. Now that he knows of his bloodlines, he has a legacy to live up to. He does all he can to do just that.


Kirkland’s abilities include: enhanced strength, endurance, reflexes, and agility bestowed by the super-soldier serum that his biological father used. Since these abilities were passed on to Alex genetically, instead of through direct injection, he didn’t require the use of vita-rays to avoid insanity. However, his abilities are only approximately half of Nomad’s. His physical condition is that of an Olympic level athlete, due to the constant, rigorous training he goes through. Kirkland is capable of dead-lifting 441 lbs.

He has received training in the areas of surveillance and infiltration, first under the guidance of Agent 13 and S.H.I.E.L.D. and then Nomad. He is educated in a variety of martial arts, including those using the shield. He is also highly trained in acrobatics, on the level of an Olympic athlete.

His equipment consists of a reinforced costume and the shield (See entry: Shieldsman, Shield).


Darren Kirkland for the most part is an unassuming man. He stands 5’11" tall and weighs 219 lbs. He has medium length, wavy dark brown hair that is cut in one of the current trendy styles. His eyes are intense and dark brown. His martial arts training and working out over the years have given him a very athletic physique. He is well-built, but not muscle-bound. Although he owns clothing in the high-end of fashion, he prefers to wear jeans and t-shirts. That’s what he’ll normally wear, unless an occasion demands getting dressed up.

His costume consists of a matte blue-black body suit with Prussian blue reinforcements on the elbows and upper legs. The gloves, boots, and mask are also black. There is gold piping on various parts of the costume. The utility belt is also gold. The shield is Prussian blue with a gold ring and edge.


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